9 thoughts on “Bank Personal Loan Without Payslip

  1. I am a self-employed I have a hair salon and earning between R4000 to R5000 a month and have a good credit history. I would like to know if I could get a loan.

  2. In need of quick loan of up to R250 000. I have no payslip but I can provide bank statement and ID copy as proof that I’m employed. Please assist.

  3. How can I get a loan?I have a payslip but my company doesn’t have a stamp my money goes in my bank account .I’m looking for a loan of R20 000.00 and I can pay I’m 6 to 12 months please can someone help thnaks

  4. Morning.
    I am looking for a loan but I do not have a payslip.
    I have a functioning cheque bank account that has money coming in and out.
    I wanted to know if I’ll qualify for that loan.

  5. I have passed matric i passed at 2013 i applied for call centre agency i wrote test i passed and i have no money to pay for the certificate i need loan of R1000 after i pay at 9 june i go to interview about the work so i have no one that will assist me at my family I’ll be earning R7000 rand i promise to pay you cash please help me

  6. Hi i am working as a parter in urban clap company i not get salary slip can i applypersonal loan upto 500000 as my incomeis on commission

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